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Read exclusive details on how to Write for Us Metaverse posts on Indywood.org. Also, learn guidelines and the submission details.

Metaverse concept is more than two decades old. Neal Stephenson, a sci-fi writer, tossed the concept in his work where characters of his frictional writing escape into connected 3D reality! However, Metaverse gained much attention when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg adapted it as a social networking feature and changed their brand name to Meta!

As Metaverse is gaining popularity, we provide opportunities for writers to post their Write for Us Metaverse guest posts on Indywood.org.

About Indywood.org:

Indywood.org is a commercial and knowledge-based platform that publishes the latest news, articles on the latest fashion, trends, business, technology, crypto news, shopping and gaming tips, website and product reviews, Etc.

Metaverse technologies include blockchain, Artificial intelligence (AI), 3D modeling and reconstruction, and extended reality. These topics attract our audience in addition to other Metaverse technologies, including spatial and edge computing, brain-computer interfaces, and the Internet of Things.

Therefore, we are building a knowledge-base related to Metaverse by allowing writers to contribute their work on our platform.

Skill sets of a Write for Us + Metaverse blogger:

  • The content writer must understand the requirements of our readers
  • The Metaverse article writer should have excellent written communication skills
  • He should be able to independently research and analyze any topic related to Metaverse
  • The writer should know how their work might affect the reader in terms of using blockchain, 3D reality, Etc.
  • The blogger must be aware of the addictive nature of Metaverse if used in gaming (or) virtual social gatherings, Etc.


  • We do not require the writer to be specialized (or) certified in AI, 3D modeling, programming, application development, blockchain technologies, Etc.
  • However, the Metaverse Write for Us blogger must know well about at least one Metaverse technology mentioned earlier.
  • Experience in working with firms using Metaverse technologies will be an added advantage.
  • Further, experience in guest post writing, content, article writing, and blogging is considered.

General guidelines:

  • Metaverse posts should only focus on topics related to Metaverse technologies.
  • The Metaverse write-up should include an introduction, FAQs, a conclusion, two non-copyrighted images, a link to the source of information, and related social media links.
  • The Metaverse article must reach a word limit between 800 to 1,500 words.

SEO norms:

  • In the Write for Us Metaverse posts, avoid redundancy, offensive words, plagiarism, grammatical errors, repetitive details, and commercial links.
  • A high readability score, accurate numeric facts and figures, and one do-followup link are necessary.
  • Headings, bullet points, and subheads must be used for organizing the article.
  • At least 80% of Metaverse write-up should be in an active voice.
  • In Metaverse guest posts, keywords should be consistently placed at the correct density.


  • Sharing your experience of Metaverse,
  • Digital humans
  • Gaming
  • Tokenized assets
  • Spatial computing
  • Privacy concerns
  • The healthcare industry using Metaverse
  • Virtual reality in Metaverse
  • Art gallery in the Metaverse
  • Marketing in Metaverse, etc

Keywords for Write for Us + Metaverse

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Advantages of writing for us:

  • Develop long-term customer relationships with Indywood.org’s readers,
  • Indywood.org takes your write-up to the next level,
  • Get more global reach and viewership,
  • Get new opportunities, and
  • Build your network and internet presence,

Submitting your write-ups for review and publication:

  • Please submit your Metaverse guest posts at info@indywood.org


Interested Write for Us Metaverse bloggers can email Indywood.org to know about write for us opportunities. You can also submit a guest post for review, reference, (or) publication. Once we approve your Metaverse guest write-up, you cannot submit it on other platforms. Please note that Indywood.org reserves the right to edit, delete, (or) modify the content of your posts.

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